Why purchase a Taggisar ICE sticker instead of other ICE products?

The Taggisar stickers give a simple dynamic link to your information.

This information, unlike other ICE products available, can be controlled, updated and edited by the owner at any time.

ICE wristbands and other such products have fixed information on them, which once printed, cannot be changed – unless you purchase a new one!

We have made it easy for the user to update their information at any time – and link multiple stickers together.


I have my ICE contacts stored in my phone – I don’t need a Taggisar ICE Sticker!

This is always a good idea! However, most people have a screen lock on their phone which means you can’t get access to the ICE contacts unless you know the screen lock code.  Even if there is no ‘lock’, your phone must be undamaged and the battery charged.


Will a Paramedic scan my Taggisar ICE Sticker?

The principle job of a paramedic in the event of a serious incident is to stabilise you and transport you to hospital for treatment.

Once you arrive at hospital you are treated and it is at this stage that they need to know as much about you as possible – so we expect that all ‘In Case of Emergency’ products would be utilised in the hospital or by the police, not by a paramedic.

The use of QR codes is increasingly common and we are confident that staff in hospitals and within the emergency services generally will be able to recognise and read them.

The In Case of Emergency ‘ICE’ symbol is a recognised European Standard – wikipedia.org/wiki/In_case_of_emergency


I can create my own QR code free of charge on the internet – why not do this myself?!

It is correct that you can go online and obtain your own QR code free of charge. However, you then need to have your own website that this QR code points to. Hosting a website isn’t free and you would need some kind of technical background to maintain and edit the information on the website the QR code points to.  You will also need to have a sticker that you can print the QR code on which will wear well in day to day use.


My details have changed – do I need to purchase a new Taggisar ICE Sticker?

The Taggisar ICE Sticker allows the owner to make emergency contact details, medical information and any other notes available to the emergency services.

The user can edit this information at any time.  You can also link multiple stickers together to display the same information.


I don’t have a smart phone so I’m unable to download a QR Scanner

You don’t need a smartphone or a QR scanner to use a Taggisar ICE Sticker. You simply go the website link on each sticker and enter your emergency information.


How secure is my information?

Once you enter your emergency information and link it to your Taggisar ICE Sticker it is stored securely on our server.

Information stored is only available for users knowing the exact URL to the Taggisar ICE Sticker.

The URLs include a random code with 390 million combinations. If someone tries to guess the code, the users IP address will be blocked after three attempts.

Some information stored in Taggisar, e.g. users email address, is only available for users knowing the exact URL to the Taggisar plus a PIN code. The PIN code is a random number with 10,000 combinations. If someone tried to guess to PIN code, the Taggisar will be blocked after three attempts.

The information stored on the Taggisar server is managed according the Swedish Personal Data Act (2008:204) Ref 1. Please click here for our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.