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Who Is Taggisar For?

Taggisar is an excellent companion for anyone who does sport or outdoor activities. But it's not just limited to those who pursue extreme sporting activities! 

We recommend Taggisar for:

  • Anyone with a specific medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, autism, etc.

  • The elderly, especially if living alone

  • Children who travel to school on the bus, who go on class trips or play out (we hope that's all children!)

  • Holidaymakers, whether at home or abroad

  • Those with pets who would require looking after if you were unable to get home as scheduled

  • Commuters, travelling to the office or even when away on business at home or abroad - the ICE symbol is recognised worldwide.

  • Students away from home

Taggisar is suitable for anyone and everyone who would like a little extra peace of mind!