Register a Taggisar

To register your Taggisar just complete the following steps:

1. Open the package and find the stickers inside.

2. Locate the URLs specified on each sticker, they look similar to this:
The ct29up2 is an example of the code unique to the individual sticker.


3. Enter the 7 character code into the ‘Enter your code’ box below and then press ‘Submit’.

  • Select the appropriate domain: / 
  • Enter your code
Select Domain:
Enter Your Code:

4. You will then be able to enter the information you want on your Taggisar.

5. Once you have entered your information click save to finish.

6. You will be sent an e-mail containing a link to access your Taggisar whenever you require to make any information changes along with a PIN code.

An alternative way to register your Taggisar is to enter the unique URL directly in the address field of your browser or to scan the code with a QR reader on your smart phone.

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