Team Taggisar

Every member of Team Taggisar, whether professional, elite or simply a sporting enthusiast can have a mention on our wall. 

If you'd like to be part of Team Taggisar and have your achievements shared please contact

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Madam Hussein

Madam Hussein AKA Rachel Harvey is our health and fitness coach who also skates for Capital City Rollers. An inspiration to us, she juggles roller derby, being a mother AND constantly eating healthy and exercising!

Michael Barnes

Michael is a mountain bike racer living in Vancouver, Canada. Not only is he epic on a bike but he's got skills on skis too. Supported by Taggisar and Loam Coffee, we can't wait to see what the race season holds for him!

Joan Albert

Joan constantly makes us jealous sharing snaps of sunny Ibiza where he showcases his BMX skills. They certainly make for beautiful photos with super whips, inverts and 360's captured by his photographer Ivan Coll.

Calvin Cheung

Calvin is Team Taggisar's only professional photographer as well as being a brilliant roadie. he started out shooting at grass-roots sports events primarily in both league and non-league swimming meets and then moved onto cycling races.

Collette Allmark

A BMX rider living in Glasgow, setting the streets alight on two wheels and studying photography. 

Vinnie Morgan